Europe, places and links
Building Europe through territories

Prey to the doubts of a changing world, the European Union is changing. In the first instance, it was a matter of States, and Europe was built on an economic and institutional basis that was gradually illegible for some of its inhabitants. However, the world is becoming one and the opening up of territories with European dimensions is complementary to their actions of proximity, between mirror effect and networking in the service of their development. Is the transition to another Europe not taking shape on the construction of multiple European backgrounds, from sources different from those institutional? The world that comes is based on the everyday lifestyles, on public action and territorial projects, on the individual activation of our common European cultural resources, to which we draw together. The territories share is to identify tribes, networks of territorial actors and citizens, projects, to consolidate and articulate them, to these new dimensions, for new opportunities. Reinventing Europe's places and links is it not also a matter for cities and regions?

The 38th Meeting of Urban Planning Agencies will be held in the Eurometropole of Strasbourg by ADEUS, the Agency for Development and Urban Planning of the Strasbourg agglomeration. This will be an opportunity for elected representatives and professionals , for urban planning agencies, their communities and their partners, for the members of European professional or political networks, to put in perspective this Europe of cities and territories, and this while the Eurometropole of Strasbourg and the Agency celebrate their 50th anniversary, and that the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The meeting will propose a first plenary session to reflect on the nature of the European challenge for the territories. Ten workshops dealing with themes from previous meetings, co-organized with actors from different horizons in Europe, will allow to discover and share other practices or methods and to describe concretely the stakes. They will give the opportunity to benefit from mirror effects to put the local and regional issues in perspective in relation to European issues, to give a helping hand to fresh approaches or networking to reinforce our own actions. The workshops are conceived as a time for proposals to be made in concluding plenary sessions to the various European networks and institutions.

In order for these meetings to be the occasion for links with actors from other places, territories, professionals and European institutions, the share of project visits to France, Germany and Switzerland will be especially important,  a day long or half a day. There will also be organized, on demand, exchanges such as "speed dating" for elected representatives or professionals.

Individuals creators of Europe

How do citizens live on a European scale? Where is Europe in people's lives, what is the relationship of individuals to institutions, networks, tribes and citizen cultural practices?

European Cities, Territories and Inter-Territorialities

In a world that has become digital and technological, from what cultural options are our metropolises, cities and regions built? How do they deal with local and global issues: resilience, cohesion, ecological transitions, memory, transformation, big data, economics, innovation, openness to the world? How do they feed on building local or European community links? Is cross-border development a particular case of an articulation of European territorial networks?

In Search of the European Common Good

Where do we go and for what purpose? What joint commitments, whether in the filed of energy or jobs? What social and territorial cohesion do we want? What if Europe's chance was in the territories?

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