The Urban and Development Agency of the Greater Strasbourg, ADEUS 

The Urban and Development Agency of the Greater Strasbourg, ADEUS (Agence de développement et d’urbanisme de l’agglomération strasbourgeoise) is a collective tool incorporated as an independent private law association. ADEUS is a collective resource for its members and associated partners (local elected members and players) and its work focuses on general interest topics.   

Consisting of a team of about 60 persons from 20 different trades, it is a place of technical expertise feeding a collaborative platform which brings together the State, various authorities and joint bodies in charge of local planning, inter-municipality structures and social and economic communities with a view to facilitate the coordination and the harmonization of public policies.

Missions given by the statutes

The Agency develops three main missions for sustainable development as stated in the Housing Access and Renovated Urban Planning law (ALUR):

- observation of territorial dynamics, analyses, perspectives and prospective

- support to the elaboration of public policies, including urban planning documents

- experimentation accompaniment, emergence of projects, innovations in methods.

The Agency develops an expertise in country planning, housing, transport, mobility, economy, land issues and environment. It houses observatory structures for mobility, housing, economy and land usage which give it a long timescale knowledge of the actors and of the evolution of the territory. This proximity enables the accompaniment of members, the production of collaborative construction studies and provides exchange platforms between partners. 

Towards a conference of the territories

In 2017, an important part of the Agency work has been to facilitate the emergence of a strategic vision of the territorial alliances that will drive our cities and campaigns in a dynamics of positive development.

The National Federation of Urban Planning Agencies

The National Federation of Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU, Fédération Nationale des Agences d’Urbanisme) brings together some fifty public bodies of study and reflection dedicated to shaping and developing major French agglomerations. For the most part, urban planning agencies have adopted association statutes and serve as meeting places where the government and other public partners in urban development can join with the concerned local authorities.

The FNAU is an association of elected representatives that offers a privileged place of dialogue on urban issues. It takes a stand in the major national and European debates on urban policies and the future of cities. The FNAU technical network brings together 1500 professionals in urban planning, anchored in local realities.

The Federation provides them with a meeting space and exchange networks where they can "capitalise" on their knowledge, share their experiences and mobilize on collective projects.

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